The Secrets to a Lifetime of Better Eye Health Revealed

Dear Friend,

If you ask the average person “Which one of your senses would you least like to lose?” I believe we would all receive the same answer: “My eyesight.” Fear of blindness as we age is an almost universal fear.

But there is good news – many of the most common eye disorders that result in vision loss can be prevented! The secrets how are contained in my free newsletter, Insight Eye Health Monthly. In each issue of my easy to read newsletter, you’ll learn important eye health lessons such as:

  • How to avoid developing the number one underlying systemic cause of blindness: diabetes
  • How to prevent the serious eye complications of diabetes if you already have it
  • What are the 3 best foods you should eat today to ensure a lifetime of good vision tomorrow
  • What are the early warning signs of eye disease and how to recognize your risk factors for possible sight threatening conditions
  • How to prevent the development of cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration
  • How to set up your computer properly to minimize eye strain and maximize productivity
  • How to choose the best eye doctor and know if you’re getting a thorough eye exam
  • Which are the best vitamins you should take to maintain optimal eye health

If you want to be able to enjoy the benefits of good vision as you age, you owe it to yourself and your family to subscribe to this newsletter!

Best Regards,

Dr. Friedman


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